Colon Cleanse

My wife turned me on to a product called Q Daily Cleanse, which is a daily colon cleanse. Some colon cleanses are done by going to colon cleansing shops several times a year. But what about all the other days? A person eats every day, right?

In my opinion, it is better to keep the waste matter flowing quickly through your colon each and every day.

According to the American Dietetic Association, most Americans only consume 12-17 grams of fiber a day. Yet the recommended intake is 20-35 grams a day!

Q Daily Cleanse helps you to achieve your wellness goals by providing 8 grams of fiber PER SERVING.

The benefits of a high fiber diet include (Mayo Clinic):

– Normalize bowel movements

– Lowers blood cholesterol levels

– Helps control blood sugar levels

– Aids in weight loss

• In a pooled analysis study of 10 cohort studies of 91,058 men and 245,186 women over 6-10 years ( National Library of Medicine, National Institutes of Health), the conclusion:

Consumption of dietary fiber from cereals and fruits is inversely associated with risk of coronary heart disease.

In other words, the more fiber you consume, the lower your risk of heart disease.

• “Fiber-Rich Diet Linked to Longevity” (Wall Street Journal 2/15/11):

A research study by the National Cancer Institute with 388,000 people (ages 50-71) showed that those that consumed the most fiber had a SIGNIFICANTLY lower risk of dying over the nine year period (Fiber Ranges: Men: 12.6-29.4 grams. Women: 10.8-25.8 grams). In the 9 year study, 20,126 men and 11,330 women died. Over 50% of the deaths were due to cardiovascular disease and cancer.

Those who consumed the highest amounts of fiber were 22% less likely to die over the nine year study (men – 23%; women – 19%)!

• According to the US Dept. of Agriculture Report, 2005 (Nutrition and Your Health: Dietary Guidelines for Americans), mean intakes of fiber are far below the Adequate Intake for all age groups.

US dietary guidelines: 14 grams /1000 calories

• Although some controversy exists, many experts and several scientific studies indicate a lower risk of colon cancer associated with a very high fiber diet.

Some of the things I like about Q Daily Cleanse rather than the colon cleanse products in the grocery stores and drug stores are there are no artificial colors, no artificial flavors, no artificial sweeteners, and it has an assortment of other healthy herbs, fruits and plants. The taste is slightly sweet (with stevia) and very smooth.

You may have to experiment with the number of scoops of Q Daily Cleanse you use. Start with one scoop for several days, then try two scoops and see which you prefer.

I recommend taking Q Daily Cleanse either before or after your evening meal. Then your morning bathroom experience will be quick and easy.

If you use Q Daily Cleanse before you eat, you will probably eat less and will lose some weight. Which would be a nice side effect for most of us.

If you want to see all the ingredients in Q Daily Cleanse, take a look at the product label.

You can order this colon cleanse on our secure website.